Science has influenced human beings to a great extent. It is Science that brought man to light and the impact that Science has on our lives is humongous. 


Technology is the brain-child of science. If it were not for the technology, we would not have had the luxury that we get to enjoy today.

WHat is Sci-fi

The best thing about Sci-Fi is that it let’s our imagination run riot. You can imagine random stuff, and one day you will see them turning into reality. That’s the power of Science for you! 

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One Technology that can Revive our Earth Back!

One Technology that can Revive our Earth Back!

Technology has always had us with shocks and surprises. Now for the most of the technology that we are enjoying today is, in some or the other way, is at the cost of the life of the earth. We kill a part of us to make up for the other. The saddest part is that we aren’t enough aware of it in most of the cases. But good times are coming. Technology has paved the way for something new that can make great things without affecting the nature and its resources.  Aren’t you excited to know about the technology that can serve earth?  So let’s get to it.

One Technology that can Revive our Earth Back!

Fossil fuel technology:

There are still a lot of people you wish to invest knowledge to protect the earth and preserve the natural resources of the earth. As a result, they came up with the idea of fossil fuel technology that can do the required. In the fossil fuel technology, we will soon quit all the age-old methods of producing energy and electricity. Instead, we will use the fossil field burn them and extract the required energy. But before we go further we have to understand the need for such technology right now.

Need for fossil fuel technology:

The world seems to run quite peacefully and where is the need for the fossil fuel technology. This is one question that all of us trying to seek an answer.  All of us are aware that though we have resources to produce energy, they are not available at adequate levels.  If we keep extracting the resources of the earth to support our requirements we might be left with nothing for the future generations. Since electricity is the need of the hour, we will have to look for alternative means for sourcing up our energy requirements. This way we can converse connect nature and present them for future.

What can fossil technology do?

Fossil technology is developed by extracting the fossil fuels that are available on earth. They are then construed into different forms of energy that will cater to the electricity needs of the world. So the million dollar question here is that how will it save the earth? Scientists have developed techniques to cover the fossil fuels into energy without the use of oxygen. When oxygen isn’t involved the energy produced will automatically prevent itself from emitting carbon dioxide and other harmful hard as there the oxygen element is absent.


The technology that the scientists are trying to arrive by employing the fossil fuels are only in the work-in-progress stage, and moreover, they are only planning to use this energy as an alternative source until we find sufficient quantum of other resources. However, it will help us preserve resources for the future generation and conserve our earth.

5 Things that Technology can’t do for you


Technology has always been good to us. And for a fact, we know that we can’t imagine a life without the use of technology.  But it is always good to go for a reality check and understand the true position of human beings when they are closely associated with technology. So we decided to come up with a list of things that technology nor Google can help you with, or simply say, you can’t find a technological replacement for these human efforts.  So here is the list of things that technology can’t do for is. While a few are cool, a few are really annoying!


It is always emotionless:

Though we are blessed with countless things with the advent of technical stuff, we still feel emptiness as we always wish to associate ourselves with human emotion. This is one factor that always keeps man ahead of machines. But for today we have only one statement to make, technology knows no emotions.

Time travel:

It’s been like forever since we started looking out for ways to make time travel possible. Though all of us know that it is not quite possible to cheat time and travel in the speed of light, we still have hopes that one day technology will find a means to help people travel through time. I believe that even while we are cursing science for its inability, someone in the corner of the world is working to help us travel through time!

The undo option!

So if the previous one is possible, then this one is possible as well. All of us want to cheat fate and change the whether of the present. When something really bad happens, we always feel what if this hasn’t happened. It would be if cool if I can ctrl z the incident. We only have to ask technology for help. But I feel that it’s a far-fetched dream and is certainly close to impossible!

Technology is a mute spectator:

Technology is always a mute director when it comes to war or offence. Of course, we have designed burglar alarms and other devices to stop crime but cm nothing can actually stop crime. We are able to accomplish it at a minimal level. Technology can never intervene and stop a fight. It can’t break the rules and save the righteous. If a World War breaks out, technology can stop it!  That is technology for you!

Subjective decisions:

No matter how hard we try, technology can never give you a subjective conclusion for any of the questions that you pose to it. Humans beings have the ability to analyse a situation keeping in mind all the possible solutions. You can design an AI for that as well.  But unlike humans, it can’t handle a situation that arises contingently. All it can simply give you is ‘no results found’!

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